Thursday, February 24, 2011

Logorama - We see approximately 3.000 brands every day!

One of the reasons I believe games are such an effective tool for marketing (and communication) purposes is that it grabs us in a magical way that commercials and adds can't (anymore). This video illustrates how many adds and commercials we see every day, but which brands actually stick? The ones that go straight into your heart? The ones that are funny? Relevant?

I strongly believe that relations are build through interaction. The more compelling and dynamic the relationship is, the more intense it will become. Compare this to the relationship with your best friend, husband or girlfriend. The reason why your relationship is so special is because you've come a long way. You have crossed many rivers together from mountains high to valleys low... This is the same experience a game gives you when playing it. A good game* will invite you, seduce you and challenge you level after level. This is why people become so passionate when talking about classic games... check it for yourself next time you see your friends. Start a discussion about classic games like Donkey Kong, Mortal Combat, Tetris, Sonic or Mario... you'll see!

* This is actually the theory of flow. If you want to learn more about the theory of Flow check this search box above and enter 'Flow'.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Google One Pass

A new service by Google - soon available for publishers of books, blogs and other digital text-content. Google only asks for 10% of the revenues/profit, which is less than Apple that claims 30% of the revenues/profit. Amazing that publishers seem unable to launch a business-model themselves... collaboration is the key-word in the digital era. Start connecting and create a bigger pie so all parties benefit from growth when maintaining an equal piece of the market-pie instead of competing and trying to gain market share... Maybe they should start reading the Blue Ocean Strategy?

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Distimo research is out

I am still wondering why brands are still hesitating to start developing cool branded games for the world. My book A brand new playground clearly states all the possibilities to create cool concepts for consumers. Also my research shows that gamers are very much open for brand interaction (hence the 600.000 Nespresso fans on Facebook and over 11 million for Victorias Secret).

Again the most downloaded applications (free as well as paid applications) are GAMES! Surprise, surprise. Of course it's the coolness of the concept that determines a great deal of the success of the game, but hey, that;s why BrandNewGame is here!

... ;-)


PlayStation sold 150 million PS2's

Sony Computer Entertainment just announced it sold 150 million PlayStation 2's since the release in March 2000. I still remember this milestone event because I worked for Atari in those days as a product manager and we gave away 5 PlayStations to promote Reflections Driver 2!

The PlayStation 2 could play DVD (where the PlayStation 3 can play Blue Ray) and could even be operated by a USB-mouse and keyboard - handy for Unreal Tournament which came out later that year.

Meanwhile, the past 10 years an impressive 10.000 titles came out for PlayStation 2 and they introduced the Eye-Toy in 2003 - which must have inspired Nintendo for the Wii-control system.

In total, 1,5 Billion games have been sold up to now... that's 10 games on average per PlayStation 2 and 1 game a year per console.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brisk Eminem Super Bowl Commercial 2011

Super Bowl commercial featuring a clay version of Eminem... nice motion graphic design, but otherwise... not so impressive... Brisk -2.

Little Vader (By Volkswagen) and Eminem in the Crysler Superbowl commercial reached respectively 3.5 million and 2.5 million views online.

More information about the online success during the Superbowl can be found at: Adage.  

Doritos - Superbowl Commercial 2011

That's why I always say don't F*!? with gamers!

Better watch out!

Coca-Cola Siege: Game-inspired Commercial

Coca-Cola does it again. Clearly a game-inspired commercial (World of Warcraft unmistakenly) after 'Happy World' (inspired by Grand Theft Auto - see previous post on this weblog).

If Coca-Cola wants to relate with gamers, why not develop a real cool and immersive game instead of those casual advergames they have been producing up to now? Call BrandNewGame and have them develop a game-concept for you!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Interactive Fiction: The Art of Video Game Storytelling


Global Cellphone usage in one infographic

This infographic from is really interesting I think.

It shows you the use of mobile phones on a global scale, including the operating systems (Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc.).

There are 4,6 billion cellphones... on 7 billion people globally!

Hope it helps you!

Facebook versus Twitter - an update

A really nice infographic from