Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gamer demographics in just 1 picture

Due to clowdy wetter, we decided to take the afternoon off the piste... so I have time to post some stuff! ;-)

This kind of sums it all up...

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare day one sales beats latest Harry Potter film!

The first day of sales brought Activision (Publisher of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) over 310.000.000 dollar. In comparison, the latest Harry Potter film delivered one third of that revenue on day one... (104 million dollar)

It's strange that companies and brands still seem scared to get involved with these types of games. When it's completely normal to advertise before and after films about war, or on Discovery Channel before and after documentaries about the second World War and Hitler's horror.
The Call of Duty series (not Modern Warfare) about the second World War has always been historically accurate and deals with great battles between the allies and German/Italian/Japanese legions. They were all historical important events and playing games opens new ways for people to become familiar with history.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kyteman - Sorry (Live @ Lowlands 2009)

How to be REMARKABLE.... one of the main Objective of each brand and individual that wants to establish a solid position in the market place... An Incredible song by musician Kyteman (Colin Benders).
More about them on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kyteman

Friday, January 8, 2010

LEAKED: Microsofts Robbie Bach Discusses Project Natal and Avatar Game Room

A slip of the tongue reveals the release of Project Natal (Xbox's new way of controlling games using 2 camera's and your body) this year! It should generate a total new game experience when the Xbox can actually recognize you and start virtual dialogues! Also games that invoke physical movement (best-sellers on the Wii) will become more likely to hit Xbox as well. The console will finally become a 100% home entertainment system where films, music, living room exercise and family entertainment unites!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Banner dialogue by Pringles

A great example how a banner can ad value for the consumer by being relevant within the 'playcircle'. This banner is based on the Red button application I posted six months ago (which was made somewhere around 2000 I think).

You can watch the banner here, it's quite funny. You have to click the banner to experience the 'dialogue' with mr. Pringles.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



A Real impressive visual design.

Fanta Virtual Tennis - Augmented Reality meets Mobile Gaming!

Got Milk?

A real cool game produced in 2007 to raise the awareness amongst children that drinking milk is actually good for you!

This game contains multiple levels with a great learning curve.
It is REALLY impressive.

Check it out here

Also be sure to check out the Got Milk website. It's very nice as well!

Rainbow Six Vegas - Axe Can Easter Egg (HD)

A good effort to add some extra fun to a game. This easter egg of Axe reveals a mini video showing 'fake bloopers' of spy - agents.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Banned Commercial - Condoms

Still love this one... Sorry it's not about gaming, but about how funny (and 'banned' commercials) can become viral. It was watched 18 MILLION times voluntarily on Youtube..., rated almost 100.000 times and commented upon 30.000 times...
Just curious how many people posted in on their Blog and forwarded it to friends...

Consumer Generated Axe / Lynx commercial (9 sec.)

Haha - Well done!

Moorhuhn - on of the first PC advergames, now over 35 products!

One of the first advergames I can remember was programmed ten years ago and was called 'Moorhuhn', a game to promote a Whiskey label.

Know Moorhuhn?

Was it one of the winners who received a CD with the game or even a member of the promotions team – up to today it is unclear how the Moorhuhn escaped. Fact is that it wasn't planned.

Whether by Email or as download from private websites the Moorhuhn started its conquest of a growing fan community. Even on floppy discs the chicken got multiplied – for the benefit of those people that weren't part of this phenomenon called internet yet.

Like a virus...

Like a virus the little game spread on German PC's and also beyond the country's borders (in The Netherlands it was a huge success). The advertising industry cites the Moorhuhn as the most successful example of viral marketing; some even claim it was the first viral marketing campaign ever.

The media quickly adopted the game and spun competitions and events around it which resulted in groaning or even collapsing download servers.

The downloads hosted by well known providers numbered in the millions, the unknown number of privately passed on games most likely ranges far higher and the number of killed virtual fowl is certainly beyond count.

The success of the game was in fact so profound that in 2002 research showed that 84% of all Germans knew the Moorhuhn. A representative market research in 2008 with focus on gamers determined that 98% of all German gamers know the chicken.

Right now the Moorhuhn franchise has grown to over 35 titles in ten years. If people still doubt whether advergaming is interesting... have them call me!

More information about the history of the game can be found here