Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Play "Snake" While Watching A Youtube Video!

This is an incredible funny 'easter egg' (= a hidden secret) on Youtube! - You can play Snake there!

Check out the video this guy is at and try it yourself!

Nissan uses game (Grand Turismo) to find talent for their Raceteam!

Maybe you are one of the 90.000 Gran Turismo 5 players that participated in the online cup facilitated by PlayStation and Nissan? If not, you missed a chance of a lifetime if you like cars, tarmac and speed... Nissan introduced their 370Z in GT5 and challenged all players to participate in their cup on a specially designed circuit within the game with the ultimate prize: driving for the Nissan team in the 24 hours of Dubai!

Two young lads (Thomas and Edwin) won the Dutch challenge on the Roosendaal circuit last week and will therefore take part in the European final on Silverstone! How is that for turning virtual experience into real-life action!?

I think Nissan does a great job to promote their brand amongst 90.000 young and eager car lovers and will definitely benefit from this excellent brand promotion!

There were six regions in total, amongst them were: Germany & Austria, France & Switzerland, Great Britain & Ireland, Spain & Portugal and Italy & The Netherlands. Each territory supplies two contestants so a dozen in total (which is 12 people in Holland ;-) will drive the ultimate drive on Silverstone in June!

Monday, May 16, 2011

PlayStation network back online...

Increased Security Measures Implemented Before Service Restoration;
Consumer Data Protection a Full-Time, Company-Wide Commitment

Tokyo, May 15, 2011 – Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced that Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) will today begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation®Network and Qriocity Services.  The phased restoration will be on a country by country basis beginning in the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East. The first phase of restored services for these countries and regions will include:

·         Sign-in for PlayStation®Network and Qriocity services, including the resetting of passwords
·         Restoration of online game-play across PS3 and PSP
·         Playback rental video content, if within rental period, of PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service on PS3, PSP and MediaGo
·         Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, for current subscribers, on PS3 and PC
·         Access to 3rd party services such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and MLB.tv
·         ‘Friends’ category on PS3, including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc
·         PlayStation Home

Increased Security Measures
As the result of a criminal cyber attack on the company’s data-center located in San Diego, California, U.S.A., SNEI shut down the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services on April 20, in order for the company to undergo an investigation and make enhancements to the overall security of the network infrastructure.   Working closely with several respected outside security firms, the company has implemented new and additional security measures that strengthen safeguards against unauthorized activity, and provide consumers with greater protection of their personal information.
The company has made considerable enhancements to the data security, including updating and adding advanced security technologies, additional software monitoring and penetration and vulnerability testing, and increased levels of encryption and additional firewalls.  The company also added a variety of other measures to the network infrastructure including an early-warning system for unusual activity patterns that could signal an attempt to compromise the network.

“I’d like to send my sincere regret for the inconvenience this incident has caused you, and want to thank you all for the kind patience you’ve shown as we worked through the restoration process,” said Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation.  “I can't thank you enough for your patience and support during this time. We know even the most loyal customers have been frustrated by this process and are anxious to use their Sony products and services again. We are taking aggressive action at all levels to address the concerns that were raised by this incident, and are making consumer data protection a full-time, company wide commitment.”

“During the past 18 months, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the volume of cyber attacks, their sophistication and their impact on businesses. Thwarting cyber-crime requires an evolutionary approach to security that is well integrated, reduces risk exposure and improves efficiencies,” said Francis deSouza, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Security Group, Symantec. “Today’s cyber crime attacks are proving to be more covert, more targeted and better organized than those we’ve seen in years past. In working with Sony on the move of their data-center, it’s clear they’re implementing measures to reduce security risks moving forward." 

As an additional measure, Fumiaki Sakai, president of Sony Global Solutions Inc. (SGS), has been appointed acting Chief Information Security Officer of SNEI.  In addition to his current role at SGS, Mr. Sakai, in his role at SNEI, will work to further reinforce overall information security across the company’s network infrastructure.  Mr. Sakai will lead the recruiting effort in finding a new and permanent CISO for SNEI.  As CISO, Mr. Sakai will report to Tim Schaaff, president, SNEI, as well as to Mr. Shinji Hasejima, CIO, Sony Corporation. 

 “While we understand the importance of getting our services back online, we did not rush to do so at the expense of extensively and aggressively testing our enhanced security measures. Our consumers’ safety remains our number one priority,” Hirai continued. “We want to assure our customers that their personal information is being protected with some of the best security technologies available today, so that everyone can feel comfortable enjoying all that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have to offer.” 

The restoration of the services across the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East are beginning, and consumers will be able to enjoy some of the online functionality provided by both the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.  Phased restoration in Japan and other Asian countries and regions will be announced in due course.  The company expects to have the services fully restored by the end of May 2011. 

The company will be offering customers a “Welcome Back” package of services and premium content to all registered PlayStation Network and Qriocity account services. The details of this program will be announced in each region shortly. 

For more information about the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services intrusion and restoration, please visit http://blog.us.playstation.com or http://blog.eu.playstation.com/

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Magnum Icecream running game... FUN OR FAIL ?

What do you think of this digital interactive concept.

Is it a game? Do you like it? Would you want to re-play it? Would you share it with friends?

Let me know!


More about Magnum Ice Cream can be found here: http://www.magnumicecream.com/

Exclusive McDonald's Farmville farm


A great example of gamevertising: branded content within FarmVille.

Limited edition items, gainable in only one day!

A nice promotion for McDonalds last year.

Portal 2 E3 2010 Teaser Trailer [HD]

A very promising new game: Portal 2, check out the trailer.
This is the official website: http://www.thinkwithportals.com/

There's also a great review by Gamespot here, which really explains the game in a very funny way. Better than I can explain the game in text... you should really check it out!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Budweiser "Poolball"

This is a great example of a 'visually adapted' game in the sense that they used existing mechanics (Pool billiard), but use different (bigger) variables, the balls!

It is played in bars and facilitated by Budweiser. A great example of gamification to promote your brand and be remarkable! This could also be an excellent example for Amstel beer in The Netherlands!

Check out the video - it's only 2 minutes of fun!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is the iPad the next gaming platform?

A special thanks to Distimo for their monthly research in the Mobile business! 

Gfk predicts that end of this year there will be 750.000 iPad's in The Netherlands. I think there will be MUCH more tablets towards the end of this year. 

Here are some facts about the iPad and downloaded content... 
One year after launching the iPad, Apple will be confronted with its first serious competition as both BlackBerry and Google enter the emerging tablet market. Apple has already seized momentum and grown the App Store for iPad in the first year to 75,755 applications developed by 21,975 publishers. Daily downloads in the Top 100 Overall paid and free applications for iPad combined exceed 500,000, while the daily revenue in the Top 100 paid is approximately $400,000 excluding in-app purchases.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trash Can Run!

Do you know Nike+ ? I've been using it for some time and really like the fact that you can measure the length of your walks, the timing, the fact that Lance Armstrong congratulates you after you ran your tenth (or so) trip or more than 50 miles.

However. Every time I go running I get annoyed by all the trash lying on the streets and in the woods. For the past six months I've developed a 'liking' of taking trash out of the forest and rewarding myself with imaginary 'Karma-points'. It is also fun to 'get caught' while 'stealing' trash from the forest and throwing it into trash bins and (hopefully) inspiring people that way.

This is how I came up with the idea for the 'Trash Can Run'...

Also because I saw a local Dutch TV station asking the Dutch population to help collection trash on the 'big trash collecting day'. But 'initiating' one day a year to collect trash doesn't change people's behavior, it only creates awareness. To really solve the problem, you need to change people's habits and stimulate positive behavior - e.g. having people pick up trash where-ever they go or whenever they go running (or take a walk in the forest with their kids).

Here is how I think it should work, but please feel free to comment and help me out with the loose ends.

Before you take your walk or start your run, you need to 'log in' at a 'trash can near you using your smartphone and barcode or QR code reader.

Then you start your tour or 'run' while looking actively for trash. Of course, in the beginning you are only allowed to collect paper trash, worth only 1 point per item (paper digests rather easily compared to other products) and when you advance to next levels you can collect other items.

Paper: 1 point
Plastic 10 points
Tins (cans) 25 point
Batteries 100 points

Of course the more you collect, the more points you gain and the bigger angel you will become online (more karma points will make you a saint!). But how to measure your points? Well - here comes it: most products that people leave behind have a barcode. These barcodes can be scanned with your mobile and connected to the trash-can you dump them in. This way local governments can also track how much trash was thrown away in certain trash cans!

Consider the leaf above as a 'marker', QR code or barcode.

As said, of course your points will be tracked through a system online, like in the case of EcoVille for Fiat Ecodrive. And the leaderboard shows the local heroes per forest, block or district, like mayors in Foursquare. Apart from points the trash collectors will also earn badges and call signs, like: paper boy, plastic fantastic, tiny tin, sigaret butt-kicker, etc.

The great thing is that people will start looking for other places in the city to collect trash as soon as they run out of trash in a specific area, so in the end - whole cities, parks and forests will be cleaned by runners and kids with families!

This idea needs sponsors, from governments, recycling companies and maybe even companies like Nike - So if you are connected - spread the word and save the planet ;-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

PressPausePlay Official Trailer

I'm really looking forward to this movie... although I do not believe that 'everybody' will start creating stuff. If you look at the statistics you still see my 1-9-90 model:

< 1 % creates
< 9% influences
> 90 % consumes

But this does not mean we are on a tipping point here...

I do think we are switching into a 'multi-monologue community. People are talking turn-based more and more via text messages (SMS), Commenting through facebook or Twitter, Whatsapp, Blogging, etc. The way we communicate is changing.