Friday, April 30, 2010

Qwerty keyboard shoe

Funny detail under my friends shoe. ;)

Games are everywhere

Space invaders at hotel new york in rotterdam.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Games are not addictive and do not lead to violence

It has finally been proven by scientific research that games are not addictive.

The addiction that some people suffer come from deeper - underlying - problems, amongst specific groups that play games. This has been researched by Jeroen Lemmens of the University of Amsterdam. He researched 851 gamers during six months.

The most important conclusion according to the professor is that games in general are not necessarily addictive, however lonely young people with limited social capabilities and low self-esteem are more likely to become addictive of games.
Of all gamers, two percent seems to show addictive behaviour, which - by estimate - is 20.000 people in The Netherlands.

It has been noted that gamers that play obsessively (and for long periods) will be likely to become aggressive. But this is not determined by aggression in games. Even Mario cart could fire kids up, if played too long and without parental guidance.

The lesson we learn is that children under 16 should be playing games for a restricted period of time while in the vicinity of parents I guess... just like drinking alcohol in the Netherlands in my opinion... In my opinion: Parents - take your responsibility.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Social Networks Info

From our buddy Matthew Jeffery at Electronic Arts some data:

The explosive growth of Social Media

Take a look at and the story 'The explosive growth of social media.....statistics that shock'!.


- Second largest website on the web
- 400 million active global users
- 50% of active users log into the site each day. This equates to at least 175m users every 24 hours.
- More than 35m Facebook users update their status each day.


- Third largest Site on the Internet
- Largest video site on the web
- 1 billion views per day (that’s 11,574 per second, 694,444 per minute, or 41,666,667 per hours)
- 10 billion videos uploaded per month
- More than 200 million minutes of video (or 34, 560 hours), is now uploaded onto YouTube per day


- LinkedIn has over 64 million members worldwide.


- Twitter now has 75m user accounts, but only around 15m are active users on a regular basis. It’s still a fair increase from the estimated 6-10m global users from a few months ago.
- Towards the end of last year, the average number of tweets per day was over 27.3 million.
- The average number of tweets per hour was around 1.3 million.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Book: A Brand New Playground - Searching for CASES!

Hi All!

I just finished the Dutch version of my book 'Laat met je merk spelen' (A Brand New Playground) and would like to start with the international (English) version soon.
For this issue, I am looking for international cases of how games are being used as a marketing tool to achieve goals that are related to Product, Price, Personnel (staff), Place (virtual product distribution through games) or Promotion.

Please help me find them!

Think of global brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Diesel, BMW, etc.

Much appreciated if you can send me links or full cases!

Send an email to (subject: Cases for Brand New Playground)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Social Games in the UK mostly played by women

Although I find the term 'social games' not really appropriate, since all multiplayer games have a social function, I decided to copy the term anyway. Social media is another term I don't really like, but it's a quite common expression for social networks and digital community media like Youtube. I would rather speak of community-based games and digital communities as such.

Source: Lightspeed research UK

London, (March 19th 2010) – The rising popularity of games played on social networking sites is well documented, but findings from the Global Web Index, a collaboration between online market research provider Lightspeed Research and Trendstream, have identified the most addicted players. The stereotype of ‘geeky’ teenage boys obsessed with computer games certainly doesn’t fit social gaming which appeals to people with large families, women and divorcees- all embracing the new ‘geek chic’. By engaging with a more diverse and larger audience, social gaming is revolutionising the gaming market and having a big impact on the types of games produced. This new way of playing games promises to deliver mass market appeal, as well as fresh opportunities for brands to engage with consumers.

Women take the lead

The large majority of UK respondents (54%) claim that playing games is one of the main reasons they use the internet. Online games are competing head-on with PC games: 28% of users play online games and 24% of respondents play short/casual games on a social network.

The survey shows that at 27%, women are more likely to play online games and social games than their male counterparts (22%). Tom Smith, Managing Director of Trendstream who led the research says “Women are particularly attracted to short, casual games involving an active community like Farmville, Cafe Wars or Pet Society. Women also spend more time on social networks in general. Social games are accessible, free and they don’t take up much time. Plus they are distributed through the network, which is a key factor driving their take up.”

Read the full article on Lightspeed research

Mirror's Edge

It's stunning!

a game about free running...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Amazing Throwing Knife kill in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some more Friday fun on Thursday 'college gamer humor'

Tetris Techno song - love the 90's HAKKEN!