Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Version 3 of America's Army game has been released. With 10 million users worldwide, 5 million basic trainings done and 20.000 active users per day you might say this advergame is a great success. It's a simulation game where gamers can learn their first steps in army training and warfare.

Assassins Creed II - New video's

One of my personal favorites. Unfortunately not very suitable for ingame advertising, but please check out the high level of stunning graphics and gameplay. It's historical!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silent Library TV Show

Just some fun to start the week with, legendary Japanese TV from the 90's...

Command and Conquer 4 announced - Battlecast primetime

Friday, September 25, 2009

Did You Know?

Some interesting facts about life in the digital age we live in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today's Gamers research 2009 - THE RESULTS

Herewith all the slides I am allowed to share on the Dutch market [in Dutch].
Soon I will share the other countries USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany

And of course I will include my conlusions in comparison to 2008.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Old school games for BlackBerry

Good to see that other Mobile phones are supported with games as well. With Apple announcing it has 21.000 games available at the appstore, Nokia, Samsung and Sony opening an applications portal shortly (Sony already has, but it's not filled with great stuff yet...), now Blackberry can add a stunning 2 extra games to their list, developed by legendary Taito.

Japanese game publisher and developer Taito announced that it has released a pair of new titles for BlackBerry devices. Space Invaders and Bust-A-Move are now available for download from the BlackBerry app store for $4.99 each.
Space Invaders is an emulated port of the company's seminal 1978 arcade game. The classic shooter challenges players to repel screenfuls of invading alien creatures using a cannon that can slide across the bottom of the gameplay screen.

The BlackBerry version of Space Invaders includes the original monochrome version of the game, as well as later releases that feature color displays.
Bust-A-Move is a BlackBerry adaptation of Taito's long-running bubble-bursting puzzler series. Players must aim and launch colored bubbles to create matches and combos in a single-player puzzle mode and a competitive Vs. mode.
Both games are playable using the BlackBerry's touch screen. An alternate control method using the device's number keys is also available in both titles.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Second Skin documentary about MMO players

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mobile Monday 2009 - a video

OnLive: The Future of Video Games

OnLive: The Future of Video Games

An innovative and very interesting concept is Onlive, which delivers a new way of gaming.
Without necessarily having a top gaming PC with the latest 3D videocard, Onlive offers Topgames playable online through broadband internet with even a fairly simple laptop or Mac!

I am curious if this will succeed in the near future, I definately hope so!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gaming Research

Please share your opinion on this topic on the statements below (please ad your date of birth):

Statement 1. Games can be used as a marketing tool
Statement 2. Games can be used to test products virtually in games, like done with Renault Megane and Need For Speed

Statement 3. Promotional advertising in games is no problem as long as it is either relevant for me as consumer or done in an appropriate manner (fitting the game and surrounding)
Statement 4. I would download free games and free mods even if I know they are produced by brands (like Adidas, Axe, Diesel, Sony, etc.)
Statement 5. I would promote good sponsored games or advergames to friends and send emails about it to them.

LEGO Club TV : BrickWorld part1

Perhaps not (just) digital gaming, but Lego has an extensive gaming community on their website as well, besides Lego Factory - an interactive application with which you can create your own favourite structures! It's amazing!

Check the website here

Renault New Megane Coupe Commercial

And here is the Renault Megane commercial. The sound is very bad, I think something went wrong uploading the file.

I find it remarkably that there has not been made any use of the spectacular images and video's that could have been made of the ingame driving experience... use crossover whenever you can - I say...

Need For Speed Undercover - Renault Megane Coupe Trailer

Nice (but very short) trailer of the Renault Megane in EA's Need for Speed: Undercover. Plenty of consumer generated movies as well on Youtube by the way...

Monday, September 14, 2009

An ingame Marriage Proposal in Fallout 3 Mod

Brilliant to see that a girlfriend asked the Fallout Mod community for help in asking her boyfriend to marry her through an ingame scripted event. Fantastic!
And even in the Chrysler building (1:54 in a post nuclear setting).
Skip to 6 minutes if you want to see the proposal.

Jobs: iPod Touch is a games machine | Casual games | News by

Jobs: iPod Touch is a games machine | Casual games | News by "Steve Jobs has stated in the clearest terms yet that Apple is to market its iPod Touch as a dedicated games device – and considering how the company has so successfully dominated the MP3 and mobile phone markets, the news will surely be met with concern at both Nintendo and Sony.

Jobs also confessed that last night’s price drop for the device positions it directly at the mass-market – a sector that to date Nintendo has courted with great success.

“Originally, we weren't exactly sure how to market the Touch,” Jobs told The New York Times. “Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer? What happened was, what customers told us was, they started to see it as a game machine.

“We started to market it that way, and it just took off. And now what we really see is it's the lowest-cost way to the App Store, and that's the big draw.

'So what we were focused on is just reducing the price to $199. We don’t need to add new stuff. We need to get the price down where everyone can afford it.”"

Is it “OMG Finally” for Augmented Reality?: Interview with Robert Rice  | UgoTrade

Is it “OMG Finally” for Augmented Reality?: Interview with Robert Rice | UgoTrade

Everything you ever wanted to know about Augmented Reality is stated here.

In an interview with Robert Rice.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cool Hunter - Ads

The Cool Hunter - Ads

Just some cool inspirational images on The Cool hunter.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Global Conflicts Portal

Global Conflicts Portal

A serious game to inform people in the field of child soldiers.

Heavy stuff!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec

Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec

A great example of an online hype - Will it blend!?

I never watched these video's, but it's great - useless - timeconsuming content... ;-)

I am wondering which blender he uses! And also which blender-brand dares to sponsor him - haha.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home - In Game Advertising Webinar

Home - In Game Advertising Webinar

Join an online event and discussion about ingame advertising in a series of 7 events upcoming months.

Check the link to subscribe to the events.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nuon Solar Challenge

Nuon Solar Challenge

The Nuon solar Challenge, a nice extension of the real race, not too realistic to be honest...

I didn't know a road could be that linear!

With more budget I am sure it could have become more remarkable and notable.

Too bad.

In-game advertising study by 11 Prozent

In-Game Advertising works – if all parties involved observe the rules. Brands such as VW, Jack Wolfskin and Coke Zero already benefit from high recognition rates. Poor placement, on the other hand, may cause complete disregard for an ad, as Puma had to experience in the artificial testing environment. Gamematrix’ experimental eye-tracking analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the medium. The study proves that it is not enough to be constantly present in the field of view – placement and design are the key elements for the success of in-game advertising. Taking the collected data as a basis, the researchers offer some essential guidance to the advertising and games industries.

Erding, August 25th 2009 – The analysis, which was carried through by gamematrix, the research department of 11 Prozent Communication, and the University of Offenburg, shows that in-game advertising can be effective – under certain conditions. “Product advertising only works in context with the brand, otherwise it remains unnoticed”, says Carsten Szameitat, research leader gamematrix, managing director 11 Prozent Communication. “Brands strongly benefit from in-game advertising as their recognition rates increase by 30 percent.” Thus, advertising in computer games is well suited to convey an image and to bring the brand to mind.

The following effects could be identified during the analysis:

- Money spent on games: About 60 percent of the respondents stated that they played computer games but did not spend any money on games.
- The average player prefers to play offline on a PC and in single-player mode.
- A memory test showed that brands represented in a game could be remembered faster after playing the game than brands, which were not represented.
- Popular brands could even be linked to their appearance in the game. Volkswagen for example reached a memory quota of 84 percent.
- Some probands believed to have recognized advertisings that did not appear at all. The respective brands might consider this for future advertising activities.
- Despite being constantly present (31 placings), the brand react was barely noticed and did not achieve more than 20 percent of the attention VW achieved with only one strong placement. This clearly shows the enormous influence of placement on the effect of an advertisement.
- The poor performance of badly placed ads also became obvious in the soccer game. Well-placed brands achieved twice the amount of advertising fixation than Puma, which was barely noticed because of its unfavourable placement in the artificial testing environment.

More information on:

PUMA and Forza 3 team up!

Microsoft has announced it has signed a deal with PUMA to ensure “prominent PUMA branding” in Forza Motorsport 3.

What seems like a strange partnership actually makes sense – PUMA makes motorsport footwear and accessories as well as sponsoring racing teams from F1 and MotoGP, including Red Bull and Ducati Corse.

The deal includes a number of cross promotional initiatives including exclusive Forza preview nights in selected PUMA Concept stores and regular Forza 3 content for Oh, and there’s the limited edition Forza branded shoe. Which we expect will be popular.

“The Forza Motorsport association is the perfect fit for our brand,” said PUMA’s Antonio Bertone.

“This partnership enables us to capitalize on the energy and excitement that accompanies a huge release such as Forza, and push the PUMA Motorsport brand into a new and exciting arena. We’re delighted to be working with Microsoft on this.”

This is not the first instance of in-game branding – last year’s Mercenaries 2 features real world ads on in-game billboards while, more recently, the PS3 version of Fight Night Round 4 contained prominent ads for the film Bronson.

Below an example how Puma should NOT do ingame advertising...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Online game Hexxagon (ѕЭЫРЩЭ ШУаР іХЪбРУЮЭ)

Online game Hexxagon (ѕЭЫРЩЭ ШУаР іХЪбРУЮЭ)

Nothing beats a nice game of Hexagon - a Classic.
Great ways to advertise on this one!


Unlock Xbox presented by Doritos - Dream it, Build it, Live it

Unlock Xbox presented by Doritos - Dream it, Build it, Live it

Doritos challenges creatives in the US to produce their own game idea and have it developed by Xbox.

How is that for Consumer Generated Content!