Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great Presentation about Gamification by Bunchball

After reading their free whitepaper about gamification I found this presentation on Slideshare. I believe Bunchball is one of the agencies that 'don't believe the hype' but have their own vision of how gamification can help brands to achieve their goals... level up and +10 points for Bunchball - they just unlocked the RESPECT badge for achieving their goal of convincing me they know what they're talking about ;-)!


  1. Glad that we were able to convince you, Bart :) For more on gamification (and our thoughts) - check out our blog at http://www.gamification.com

    best, - rajat

  2. Thanks Rajat, I did! - Great blog you have there. I didn't need convincing though, I'm a believer ;-) I wrote a book about this stuff - check www.brandnewplayground.com and download the free summary (check the menu on the right and click 'the book' - there is a link to the pdf there.