Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Festival of Games has started!

The Dutch / European Festival of games kicked off today with a 'retro presentation' by Joost van Liemt about the Alternate Reality Nokia games that have been played from 1999 to 2003. Great to hear that a Nokia had the guts to invest in a real life & online game in a time when this wasn't so 'normal' as it would be nowadays. For people that missed the Nokia game and wish to know more about it, I guess you best contact

Some results:

Over 500.000 'unique' consumers (37% female) participated in the Nokia game in a 5-year period. Each period taking about 6 weeks of indulged brand experience. The average playtime of consumers was 1 hour!
It resulted in 125.000 new club members in 2001 and 60% of all participants accepted the opt in for receiving marketing information from Nokia (!).
Eventually 70 shadow websites / blogs have been set up by game players of the Nokia game.

Amazing results for a great gameconcept.

Key Learnings according to Joost are:

- Start concepting from a brand story or the company's brand values
- Allow story lines in the game
- Keep it fairly simple and focussed on consumer segments (don't try to please the world)
- Last but most important: co-create!!

The second presentation I witnessed today was a joint production by Soepel and Woedend - two Dutch agencies. I can't tell you too much about it, but I am happy to see that augmented reality is being developed more and more into game concepts. This time for a Dutch soda brand... To be continued soon (end of June)!

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