Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gaming Hardware History

I have tried to describe the history and developments of gamehardware, but challenge anyone to prove me wrong as I have based most of this on what I could find on the internet and in Wikipedia.

Let me know if you think my dates are wrong or something important is missing.

I didn't take all the consoles into account, just the ones I feld were 'new' stepping stones in the development proces to the current generation of consoles....

Console Year Home Entertainment Systems & Software carriers

1889 Nintendo founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi
1st Gen 1972 Magnavox


1975 Philips Telespiel

1975 Microsoft corporation founded

1976 Atari 2600
2nd Gen 1980 MS DOS software

1980 Nintendo Game & Watch handheld games

1981 IBM Personal Computer

1982 Activision wins law suit

1982 Atari 5200 computer

1982 Introduction of MSX ASCII code

1983 Nintendo Famicom (NES)

1983 Commodore 64 Homecomputer (and multiple MSX's)

1983 Invention of CD and CDROM
3rd Gen 1984 Apple Macintosh

1985 Commodore 128

1985 Windows 1.0 software introduced by Microsoft

1985 Commodore Amiga

1987 IBM PS/2

1988 Sega Megadrive

1989 Nintendo Gameboy monochrome
4th Gen 1989 Atari Lynx portable game computer

1991 Introduction of Cdi

1991 Super NES (Nintendo)

1992 The end of MSX computers by Philips and Sony

1992 Launch of Windows 3.1
5th Gen 1993 Atari Jaguar

1994 Sega Saturn

1995 Introduction of DVD

1995 Introduction of Windows '95

1996 Nintendo 64

1998 Nintendo Gameboy color

1998 Apple iMac design computers
6th Gen 1998 Windows '98

2000 Introduction of Windows Millenium edition

2001 Windows XP Home and Professional

2001 Introduction of Gameboy Advance

2001 Microsoft enters console market with the Xbox

2003 Gameboy advance SP
7th Gen 2004

2005 Gameboy Micro & Nintendo DS

2005 Microsoft beats PlayStation in time with the Xbox 360

2005 PlayStation Portable (PSP) launched in USA & Europa

2005 PlayStation 3 hits the market

2006 Nintendo DS Light (DS = Dual Screen)

For the complete history visit this websit

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