Monday, February 23, 2009

First interviews...

So, here it goes.

My first serious article since I started a blog ever...

This is just a small update for anyone out there to inform you I have had 3 interviews with people from the gaming industry so far. These people are an ex-employee of EA Benelux, the editor in Chief of the biggest gaming magazine in Benelux, called Power Unlimited and the managing director of Codemasters (Grid).
It is funny to experience that 3 different people have such different ways of looking at things and sharing their opinion. Where one might comment that in-games you will have the same advertising opportunities as in real life, other comment that it is better to fully exploit all the possibilities of interactivity and gaming. It's up to me to create an overview of the seemingly ' limitless options' in advertising. Although I expect the gamers/players to notify us where their limits and boundaries of acceptance will be.

If anyone can help me with consumer research on advertising acceptance and the limit of annoyance, I will be most grateful and my character will develop to level 2 ;-)

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