Monday, September 19, 2011

Flying back today!

Just a quick note to report to my dear and well respected readers that I will start blogging soon! I'm currently in Singapore, but I'll be back in Holland tomorrow! For members of IAA in The Netherlands - please join me Thursday evening in Amsterdam for the event about using games as a marketing tool, it's in Macy's.

For English readers - please join me in October in London on the 'Games for Brands' event (Please check my previous post about that) - I will be launching the English version of my book there (and it will be free throughout the rest of the year online as a pdf).

And for my Russian readers... I will most likely be speaking in Moskow in November. Nostrovya!

Also I am moving office (and home) to Amsterdam starting this week until the first of October, so don't think I'm not busy! ;-) I'm just not busy blogging, but I will be again soon I promise: new cases, new data on gamers, mobile, social etc.

Send me any requests you have on Twitter @BartHufen or #Gamification

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